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Gadgets for geeks

A range of gadgets for the car geek.

  • Detail of an automatic gear shifter in a new, modern car. Modern car interior with close-up of automatic transmission and cockpit background

For me under $50

Digital pressure gauge ? Simple, cheap and useful. I?m ready to replace my pencil-type tire pressure gauge with a more accurate and convenient digital item. From $25 in major auto parts stores.

Flat cap ? In wool or tweed. This is my retort to sideways-ball-cap-wearing youth driving tuner cars and blaring rap music through mega-bass sound systems. From $25 in fine men?s stores.

Fastest DVD ? From UK filmmaker Mark Neale, this documentary looks at the 2010 MotoGP racing season. Watch Jorge Lorenzo, Valentino Rossi, Casey Stoner and others do what they do, up close. Available from for $30 plus shipping.

For Partner under $100

Autel MS 309 code reader ? No instant brownie points for this one but this OBD II code reader (1996-up vehicles) will save time and money when the dreaded check engine light comes on. Along with the symptoms, she?ll be armed with trouble codes when visiting the dealer to get the car fixed. $99 from Princess Auto.

CAA membership ? Peace of mind. For both of us. Basic membership offers roadside assistance, free maps, discounts and more, and costs just $65.50 a year. Associate membership is $37.50 if you?re already a member. Join at

Garmin n?Maps lifetime update ? I?m going to sleep in the doghouse for this one, but she?ll appreciate it when she doesn?t get lost driving around in Boston using her Garmin GPS. Update maps in Garmin units forever for $79 from

For me unlimited

Rolex GMT-Master II ? The Rolex GMT-Master II, preferably in stainless steel. It has a fourth hand and an adjustable ceramic bezel that allows you to set time locally, while keeping the main hands on home time. Great for those cross-country drives. $8,000. Go to to find a local dealer.

Scangauge II ? This is a great tool to help you use less fuel. It?s not one of those gadgets that claims miraculous improvements in fuel economy; it?s a trip computer that plugs into your car?s ECU and calculates fuel costs (among other things) so you can adjust your driving. $149 from Canadian Tire.

PitStop office furniture ? What better way to write about driving than sitting in a racing seat, at a desk that uses stainless steel braided hoses for lateral support and comes with 13-inch coilover shocks. $400 U.S. each for chair and desk from

KTC mini tool box ? The SKX0000 mini tool box by KTC (45 cm tall) is for the mechanic that has everything. It contains a small selection of tools; top and base ordered separately, from Japan, starting at $390.

  • Gadgets for geeks
  • Gadgets for geeks
  • Gadgets for geeks
  • Gadgets for geeks
  • Gadgets for geeks CHARGES MAY APPLY Re: Auto gift guide pics On 2011-12-08, at 9:27 AM, Costa Mouzouris wrote: On 7 December 2011 14:07, Richardson, Mark wrote: Hello cheery Wheels folk: It's Christmas time, which means that I'm looking for Christmas stories. We're running later this year than usual (mostly due to me not feeling very Christmassy), but I'm planning the following Christmas coverage: Wheels, Dec. 17 - Auto gift guide Wheels, Dec. 24 - Christmas story Wheels, Dec. 31 - Best/Worst cars, and Best/Worst auto experiences --- If you're getting this e-mail, it's because I'd like you to consider contributing to the gift guide and to the auto experiences, and perhaps the Christmas story. Only regular reviewers will be asked to contribute to the Best/Worst cars and will be getting a separate e-mail. Gift guide Same as previous year: three gifts in three categories, so nine suggestions in total please. Categories are "Gifts I'd like to receive, priced below $50", "Gifts I'd like to give my partner, priced below $100", and "Gifts I'd like to receive, price no object." I need at least two high-resolution photos (200 kb-plus jpegs) to accompany each story, plus full pricing and details of how to buy. First come, first served. No more than 400 words in total, please. Deadline is next Monday morning, Dec. 12 (sorry...) Best/Worst experiences These must be your personal automotive experiences, and there must be one of each from 2011. Frankly, the worst experiences will be read by 10 times as many people as the best ones - just make them fair and, unless it's warranted otherwise, please keep them fairly light. 300 words total, please, plus at least one photo. Deadline is Monday morning, Dec. 19. Christmas story

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