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Five Things you didn't know you could be ticketed for

It's so annoying to walk up to your car and find a parking ticket flapping on the windshield.

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It’s so annoying to walk up to your car and find a parking ticket flapping on the windshield.

We can all understand tickets for parking in a disabled spot without a permit, blocking a fire lane or other obvious violations. But for sheer exasperation, nothing makes a driver’s blood boil like getting a ticket for an unposted violation they’ve never heard of. Such as boulevard parking. When you can be ticketed in your own driveway if you’re within 0.3 m of a sidewalk.

Here are some unposted violations in Toronto you might not be aware of but could be ticketed for:

1. Park vehicle for sale (on public road with visible ?for sale? sign)

2. Park between 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. from Dec. 1 to Mar. 31.? (Note: In some areas, such as the City of Brampton, residents can apply for a limited-time exemption to this restriction if they have visitors or if their driveway is being repaired. You have to register your licence number with them ? and you can still get a ticket for obstructing snow clearing or road maintenance operations.)

3. Park more than 30cm from curb, or left wheels to curb.Park within 3m of hydrant, 9m of intersection, or obstructing driveway/laneway.

4. Stop within intersection, 9m of crosswalk, on bridge or centre strip, or on/over crosswalk or foot path.

5. Stop roadside (parked/stopped vehicle),which presumably means ?double parking.?

For all practical purposes, the way many drivers discover something is an unposted violation is when they?re ticketed for it. Fines for the above offences vary from $15 to $100.

If you really want to stay ahead of the ticket meisters, be sure to visit the parking enforcement area of your municpalities’ website, which will have bylaws posted. Many municipalities have printed copies of these available as well.

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