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Ferrari takes man for test drive. Man fails.

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Usually, you take a test drive to test the car. But sometimes, the car does the testing — and the driver fails.

That appears to be what happened when a man took a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta for a test drive and took his (probably traumatized) grandson along for the “thrilling” ride. CarBuzz reports that the middle-aged man took the supercar for a spin somewhere in Holland. Not longer after, while travelling at a high rate of speed, the car slid off the road, flipped and crashed into a tree.

The car was totalled, but thankfully, perhaps even miraculoulsly, no one was injured. The car had to be removed by crane and was taken away for analyis. In the poor man’s defence, CarBuzz notes, the F12 is a beast “and anyone who has serious intentions of buying one should not do so lightly.”

Video: This looks fixable …

  • Ferrari takes man for test drive. Man fails.