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Fake Bugattis have us feeling conflicted

You can't afford one, so you fake one. Good idea or not?

Here are some things we can probably all agree on: Bugatti Veyrons cost more than $1 million. Bugatti Veyrons are the fastest production car in the world. And last but not least: a Bugatti Veyron is something the vast majority of us will never own. (Even Drake bought this one second-hand.)

Which is where things start to get a little murky.

Because apparently some people are so desperate to own a Bugatti they will turn whatever the heck they’re driving into a reasonable facsimile (some more reasonable than others). Get a load of this gallery of Fake-gattis, culled from CarBuzz and YouTube, and tell us what you think. Fake-tastic or cheesy?

With files from CarBuzz