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Eye Candy: Soft-top an easy choice from trio of T-Birds

Empty Excerpt, imported from newsgate

The car: 1963 Thunderbird convertible

The owners: Tony and Susan Noris, Caledon East

The story: On his way to work on a Saturday in 1996, Tony Noris spotted a 1963 Thunderbird convertible for sale in a parking lot in Caledon East.

?I had been looking for a vintage car for some time, and here was my chance,? he recalls. ?But on the way back from work, in the same spot, was a different T-Bird for sale. It was a 1965 hard top ? not what I was looking for.?

Undeterred, Noris took down the phone number and called up the owner when he got home.

?He told me he had four T-Birds, and three were for sale. My lucky day!? says Noris. ?So I purchased the 1963 convertible. It needed a lot of TLC, but after years of restoration and emptying out many piggy banks, it now purrs.?

With a 390 engine and more than 4,500 lb. in weight, it does burn a bit more gas than your average car. It also has power brakes, steering, windows, roof and seats.

?It is a very nice cruiser,? says Noris. ?Last August, it made the semi-finals at the Cruise Nationals show in Oshawa.

?Sadly, after the show, the transmission failed,? he adds. ?But what do you expect when you are 50 years old and still have almost all original parts? It has been fixed and now rides even better than before.?
This week's eye candy, the Thunderbird, is a very nice cruiser, with power brakes, steering, windows, roof and seats.

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