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Eye Candy: 2001 BMW Z3

I first fell in love with the Z3 when it appeared as a Bond car in the movie Golden Eye.

  • 2001 BMW Z3

The Car: 2001 BMW Z3

The Owner: Bruce Young, Kingston

The Story: I first fell in love with the Z3 when it appeared as a Bond car in the movie Golden Eye.

I bought mine as a present to myself for my 50th birthday. Having previously had a Mazda Miata, I was already familiar with the pros and cons of a roadster.

There is an ongoing debate between Miata and Z3 enthusiasts and I will just say that I am lucky enough to have had both and leave it at that.

My Z has 54,000 kms on it and has never seen a winter.

My Z is electric on the roads north of Kingston. There are some great driving roads around the small lakes here with bends and twists that bring this car to life.

It is in incredible condition with a spotless engine compartment. I clean the engine regularly as I am often asked to pop the hood. I get lots of great comments on the car but what I appreciate most are the stories it seems to bring out of people and their cars.

It’s truly a fraternity of car lovers out there and it is a passion I enjoy and hope to for years to come.

I read the Wheels Section faithfully and always look forward to people’s stories about their Loved One. I love my Z.

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