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Eye Candy: 1973 Super Beetle

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The car: ?1973 Super Beetle

The owner: ?Christine Fader, Battersea, Ont.

The story: Christine Fader loves daisies, driving and all things vintage. But for more than 17 years, her driver?s license was repeatedly revoked because of a medical condition that made her faint.?Finally, in 2003, after successful treatment, she got her license back for good.

?My sweetie said it was time,? she recalls.

The joyous occasion called for a car to match, and Fader’s husband, Michael, found one for her not far away in Morriston, Ont. It was a 1973 Volkswagen, a yellow and white Super Beetle with a 1600cc engine and curved windscreen, as bright and cheery as sunshine.

?It was made for me, my husband said, and a name seemed obvious: Daizybug,? Fader says. ?We bought Daizybug some new seat covers and drove off into the sunset together.?

For years, Daizybug was on the road from May to October, and became a favourite and unmistakable local fixture with her sunny exterior, chromed engine compartment and ?frenched? headlights. She could evoke a smile from the most innocent or stoic of souls, Fader says.

Every spring she was been eagerly anticipated.? Every fall, regretfully put away.

Then, on November 25, 2012, came the fire.

No one was injured, the forest didn?t catch fire and the workshop building was a safe distance from the house.

But tragedy was not completely averted. Daizybug, snuggled up for the winter inside the workshop, did not survive the blaze. Fader was heartbroken, but cherishes the memories she says will be with her always.

?Over the past nine years, I have often welled up with tears at my hard-won driving freedom.?I have never lost the awe of heading down the road just me and my Daizybug -sunroof open and VW engine burbling away,? Fader says. ?Now our little Beetle has gone from our yard, and I miss her every day. ?Not as a mere car or possession, but, as a ray of sunshine, a faithful, generous friend, and beautiful memories of gratefulness and pure joy.

Rest in Peace, Daizybug:? 1973-2012.

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  • Eye Candy: 1973 Super Beetle
  • Eye Candy: 1973 Super Beetle
  • Eye Candy: 1973 Super Beetle