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Eye Candy: 1967 Chrysler Newport

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The Car: 1967 Chrysler Newport

The Owner: Lita Garant, Windsor

The Story: Rick Garant is a good son. We know this because he refers to his mother, Lita Garant, as his “hot Mama” and says she and her 1967 Newport are both “eye candy.”

Rick sent us these pictures of his mom with her baby, taken on her 90th birthday almost two years ago.

“My hot mama and her hot car!” Rick says proudly. (She complained afterward that her jaunty pose messed up her back, noting, “I wish I was 89 again!”)

Lita is the Newport’s original owner and has kept it in its original condition, from parts to paint colour? ? “Money Green,” Lita calls it. And yes, it is still very much on the road.

Cars are meant to be driven and appreciated and Lita makes sure it gets plenty of both.

She takes it out a couple of times a week and enjoys the attention it attracts and the conversations it sparks.

“One time she was grocery shopping and saw a couple of ladies staring out the store window,” he says. “She strolled over to them and asked them what they were looking at. They said, ‘Look at that car! It’s beautiful.’ She was tickled pink to be able to tell them, ‘That’s my car!’ ”

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  • Eye Candy: 1967 Chrysler Newport
  • Eye Candy: 1967 Chrysler Newport
  • Eye Candy: 1967 Chrysler Newport