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Eye Candy: 1966 Mustang convertible

"I vowed that someday I was going to own one," he recalls. "Well, it took over 40 years. But it was worth the wait."

  • 1966 Mustang convertible


The Car: 1966 Ford Mustang Sprint 200 convertible

The Owners: Ken and Patrice Wappler, Cambridge, On.

The Story: Some passions flare high and burn out fast. Others stay on sizzle for years? decades, even. Ken Wappler’s love for the Ford Mustang is one of the “sizzlers.” He vividly remembers the day the Mustang was introduced in April of 1964, remembers how he’d walk home from high school to the nearby Ford dealer and gaze at the showroom Mustangs in awe.

“I vowed that someday I was going to own one,” he recalls. “Well, it took over 40 years. But it was worth the wait.”

Eye Candy: 1966 Mustang convertible

Ken and his wife, Patrice, bought their little red convertible pony in April of 2005. It’s a glossy, candy-apple red beauty that corrals smiles and thumbs up wherever it goes, he says.

Next year, the car will mark a milestone, and as far as Ken’s concerned, it’s as beautiful now as the day it was born. “We’re looking forward to our 50th anniversary celebration in 2014,” he says proudly. “We can’t wait.”

Eye Candy: 1966 Mustang convertible

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