• Porsche 911 GT2 RS Exclusive Manufaktur

Exclusive Manufaktur Will Help you Create the Custom Porsche of your Dreams

One-off GT2 RS is the most expensive factory-built 911 in Canada

Kunal Dsouza By: Kunal Dsouza March 23, 2019

The turbocharged flat-6 in the Porsche 911 GT2 RS spits out a preternatural 700 horsepower, which means it can go from 0-100 km/h in under 3 seconds. It’s one the fastest ways to zip around a race track without having to resort to an open cockpit.

This range-topping 911 is a ducted and louvered rear-wheel drive monster with a giant rear wing that pushes the envelope of what’s possible in a road car. To go even faster you’d probably need a 911 Cup Car but, sadly, you can’t drive those on the street.

Performance in this realm doesn’t come cheap. The retail price was set at $334,000 and that’s before adding any options. It’s rare too, with only 1000 copies built. And with all of them spoken for, used car lots are about the only place you might see one for sale. Just be prepared to spend more than what it cost new.

But what if you were one of those customers that ordered a new GT2 RS and wanted it to be different than everyone else’s? What if the eight factory colours it was offered in just didn’t cut the mustard?

That’s where Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur comes in. This is Porsche’s in-house customization program where a customer can consult with an Exclusive Manufaktur sales representative who can help them build the Porsche of their dreams.

Stuart Drummond, Exclusive Manufaktur Sales Rep at Pfaff Porsche has been helping his clients fulfill their dreams with some truly amazing works of Porsche art.

A car guy through and through, he started in the parts department working his way up the ladder eventually ending up at Pfaff Porsche. Doing what is basically his dream job.

Pfaff Porsche enjoys the distinction of being one of 4 Exclusive Manufaktur Partners in the country, meaning they get the best training and resources to serve clients looking to customize their Porsches.

In a secret garage underneath the new 100,000 sq.ft dealership in Vaughan, he talks us through some of the cars he’s personally helped his clients build.

Cars like the mind-blowing Python Green Chromaflair GT2 RS that you see in the pics.

Porsche 911 GT2 RS chromoflair Exclusive Manufaktur

The striking paint job changes colour depending on how the light hits it and your viewing angle. Notoriously difficult to photograph, and to describe, the colours range from lime green to lemonade yellow. And if you look at it in just the right way, there’s a hint of blue in there as well.

It might also hold the record for the world’s most expensive paint job at over $100,000. Yes, you read that correctly, this is a six-figure paint job.

Then there are the door sill guards, where you would normally find the “GT2 RS” script. Instead, you see the 80s marketing slogan “Nobody’s Perfect” in the correct typeface, of course.

The leather on the dash and seats is in a colour called Palm green, with the stitching and seat piping done in Acid green. That piping was reserved for the 918 hypercar but the customer really wanted it and they were able to get it done.

All this custom work ended up inflating this GT2 RS’ price to just under $600,000. And while that might sound like a lot, it’s the only one like it in the world.

There are multiple levels to the Exclusive Manufaktur program from adding basic options like seat heaters and painted trim, to more involved factory builds like the limited-run Turbo S Exclusive Series. And then there are the fully custom CXX special wishes cars where a customer can get their “special wishes” fulfilled. Like this GT2 RS. Porsche limits the world to just 800 of these builds a year, with about 23 of those in Canada. This program is reserved for two-door sports cars like the 911 and 718 Cayman/Boxster and has proven very popular with customers. Around 40 percent of 911s have left the factory with custom work done by Exclusive Manufaktur.

Stuart is a liaison between the client and the factory in Zuffenhausen. He knows what is possible, and what just can’t be done. Knowledge he’s gleaned from doing this for the last 13 years.

“Sometimes there’s things you can’t achieve. The manufacturer does have a rule set,” says Stuart. “You can push (Porsche) Germany a little bit, in soft spots, but there are some hard nos.”

“Like Chris Pfaff’s 50th anniversary Turbo S. I really wanted to have Hans Pfaff’s signature over the spoiler,” explained Stuart. “Germany responded with ‘you cannot have the name of somebody else on a Porsche!’ ” Apparently that rule only applied to the outside of the car, they could have “maybe” done the signature on a door sill or somewhere in the interior, but he had already moved on with the idea.

You also can’t spec a material type, on the seats for example, that hasn’t been factory approved. In this day and age, everything has to be tested and certified for use with all the different safety components in a car. Like the airbag sensors.

Porsche will also not allow requests like a Turbo badge on a standard Carrera, or the spoiler from a GT2 RS on a GT3. All you fake “M” badge people, I hope you’re taking notes.

Most of the cars in the garage were one-of-a-kind pieces.

Like another GT2 RS in a colour Stuart describes as Vespa blue with a bright red Alcantara interior. A Porsche crest is embossed into the centre armrest, and the factory has never done that before. Definitely a nice touch.

Creating these special Porsches takes a bit of work to get them just right. With the Python Green GT2 RS there was “ a lot of back and forth emails and requests,” says Stuart. “It was supposed to take 10 minutes. About an hour and a half later we designed the majority of what you see on that car today.”

Porsche 911 GT2 RS Exclusive Manufaktur Porsche 911 GT2 RS Exclusive Manufaktur

There’s a relationship that forms when you work with someone on such a personal build. Stuart has personally helped this specific client with many custom Porsches over the years. He recalled his first sale to the client many years ago: a pre-owned 911 Targa.

“I’ve known him for 13 years, never an argument, never a harsh comment. He’s actually become a family friend,” explains Stuart. He’s got a 911R in fashion grey, and he’s got a Carerra GT, and I’ve driven them both more than he has.”

There’s a lot of trust involved here too, because after the custom build instructions get handed over to the factory neither the client or Stuart are able to see it until it arrives.

There were so many different components like the houndstooth armrests that had never been done before and small details like the yellow RS logos on the wheel caps that match the brake calipers.

When it did finally get delivered, the results according to Stuart were “absolutely perfect.” And when asked what his client thought seeing all his special wishes come to life: “he was absolutely in love with it,” said Stuart.

I think I might be too.