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Fiat ‘winning’ with Charlie Sheen

Published August 1, 2013


Fiat has a thing for funny. Its offbeat ads are a delight, thanks in no small part to self-declared winner, warlock and tiger-blooded actor Charlie Sheen. Sheen signed on to promote the Abarth 500 more than  a year ago with an ad that showed him partying it up while under house arrest. Now he’s back with a new ad for the Abarth 500 Cabriolet (video below), in a takeoff on the video for “Sexy People” by Arianna and Pitbull. This time, he’s stranded on a desert island with nothing but a car and a pair of mermaids. Which I’m sure he refers to as goddesses. You see where this is going  . . .

With files from CarBuzz

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