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CES 2018: Toyota Shows e-Palette Concept as Future RV for Burning Man

A highly customizable, automated, battery electric vehicle flexible enough to handle logistics and delivery, ride sharing and retail.

Andrew Lo By: Andrew Lo January 10, 2018

Have you heard of Burning Man?

It is a huge art and community festival held in the middle of the Nevada desert. There are no amenities and participants bring their own food, water, and vehicles to survive. Toyota President, Shoichiro Toyoda suggested the new e-Palette concept vehicle would be the ideal vehicle for this event, and others like it.

The e-Palette is a configurable multi-purpose mobile space that will be completely autonomous and electric. It can be used as a mobile retailer, living space, restaurant, food delivery and it can even facilitate ridesharing.

It will be part of Toyota’s “mobile as a service platform” where services come to consumers. Travel time will no longer exist because you can be productive on-the-go and there is a montage of possible usage scenarios.

Toyota has already created an e-Palette alliance with Amazon, Uber, Didi, Pizza Hut and Mazda. This partnership list suggests that the platform is especially useful for deliveries or as an alternative mode of transportation.

Toyota will debut a model of the e-Palette at the 2020 Olympics where it is a sponsor.

“Companies like Google, Apple and even Facebook are what I think about at night, because, after all, we did not start by making cars either”, according to Toyoda, “Technology is changing quickly in our industry and the race is on…”


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