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Donald Trump gives his Diablo
his personal badge of approval


Real estate mogul Donald Trump’s 1997 Lamborghini Diablo is a pretty eye-catching machine. Blue with white interior. Gull-wing doors. Six-figure price tag. You know, everything.

But sometimes everything just isn’t enough.

Sometimes, what you need is a final little cherry on top, something that caps the whole thing off and says “I am magnificent.”

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump’s car has that too.

As reported by Jalopnik, a “redditor” posted photos of Trump’s car on r/cars, including a closeup of a little medallion bearing the words “Donald Trump, Diablo 1997″ in amateurish gold lettering on one of the car’s doors.

Because the sight of a middle-aged man with an orange comb-over speeding by in a flashy car might not be enough to alert you to the fact that, “Hey, wasn’t that Donald Trump?”