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Dealer's Voice:
Find your groove in the car business

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At my dealership, we hire both new and experienced salespeople and I?m always interested in knowing the backgrounds and work histories of our new hires.

Today, I want to focus on two members of our sales team, both of whom have different backgrounds and whose stories might serve as inspiration for others looking to pursue a career in the car business.

The first is Chase Anthony, who joined us three months ago. The interesting thing about Chase, apart from his engaging personality and passion for learning, is his rich and varied past.

He holds a degree in computer science/mathematics from Western University and a diploma in electronics engineering technology from Lambton College.

He?s also been a lead singer in a rock band and has performed in many major motion pictures and television series filmed in Toronto, all while being involved in several business ventures.

Although he enjoyed the variety and challenges of his previous careers, there came a point where Chase wanted some job stability, better financial prospects and opportunities for career advancement.

He met with a coach/mentor, who recommended he research the car business. His mentor explained that the hours are long and the pace is hectic, but it?s a career that offers the type of challenges, stability and remuneration Chase was looking for.

Chase began working as a business development agent at my Hyundai dealerships, and he is already excelling and enjoying his newfound career. His education, musical background, extensive travel and entrepreneurial mindset uniquely qualify him for a job representing our brand to the public.

Another of our sales agents is Daniel Gaetano, who joined us two years ago. After graduating from high school, Daniel took a job managing a high-end food store in Toronto and, after two years, decided to change careers.

Daniel has always been fascinated with cars. Prior to joining us, he had been keeping close tabs on Hyundai ? reading car reviews and following the brand?s rise in Canada and North America.

At some point, Daniel decided to explore employment in the car business. His passion for cars, his strong work ethic and his dedication made for a great fit at our dealership.

Daniel has discovered a world of opportunity with us. To his credit, he is doing an exceptional job looking after customers in an effort to build his long-term repeat and referral business.

With their personalities and drive, abundant skills, and their passion for customer service, there are no limits on how far Chase or Daniel can advance in the retail car business.

The automotive industry is not often a first career choice for young people or those working in other careers.

Many find themselves in the car business almost by accident (as I did in the early 1980s), only to discover after working in the industry a while that is very rewarding and fulfilling.

If you are contemplating a new career, I encourage you to visit TADA?s website ( for job and resume postings. Through its Education Committee, TADA is developing tools for young people to understand the opportunities in our industry. New videos and brochures on the topic will be available this fall through our website, and at local guidance departments.

For those who are looking for a career, you owe it to yourself to consider the car business. You may discover, as Chase Anthony and Daniel Gaetano did, that this industry offers everything you?d want in a career ? and more.

The Trillium Automobile Dealers Association would like to acknowledge the recent retirement of Janet Carr, who served our association for 26 years as executive assistant of member relations, renewals and regional liaison. We wish Janet all the best in health and happiness in her retirement.

This column represents the views of TADA. Email [email protected] or visit Benny Leung, president of the Trillium Automobile Dealers Association, is a new-car dealer in the GTA

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