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Corvette stolen in 1989 sells for original sticker price


LOS ANGELES — A mint-condition Corvette stolen from a San Diego car dealership 23 years ago has sold on eBay for the original sticker price.

The Los Angeles Times says the cherry-red 1989 convertible, with 67 miles on the odometer, was won Sunday on eBay by Mike Robertson, a Newport Beach advertising executive. It’s to be delivered Monday.

Police recovered the Corvette in September in a San Diego self-storage unit after the suspected thief stopped paying the monthly fee. He’d paid out about $70,000 over the years. Authorities say he was co-operative and didn’t charge him.

The car was sold by the insurer and a wholesaler posted it on eBay.

The final price, with delivery fee, was $39,471. That’s the manufacturer’s suggested retail price posted on the original windshield sticker.

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