Continental Approach Detection welcomes passengers

The 2017 Lincoln Continental with Approach Detection technology creates a more human, personally tailored “Quiet Luxury” experience for customers.

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The all-new 2017 Lincoln Continental offers customers the additional luxury of a warm and inviting welcome with Lincoln’s signature Approach Detection technology.

Lincoln first unveiled its Approach Detection technology on the first-ever 2015 MKC.

This technology enables the vehicle to sense when the driver, carrying the key fob, comes within a range of up to eight feet welcoming them and indicating it is ready to go.

The Lincoln Approach Detection technology responds both inside and out with such features as:

  • Illuminated welcome mats project onto the ground beneath both front doors where the driver and front passenger will step as they approach so they can avoid stepping into a puddle or debris
  • The door-handles glow in a hue that complements the exterior color of the vehicle and highlights their location
  • Signature LED accent lights on the headlamps and taillamps add a sense of warmth, while ambient interior lights on the door panels, instrument panel and cupholders liven up the interior, without glare
  • A light softly pulses on the push-button start, signaling that Continental is ready to go

In addition, the available auto-folding pedestal side-view mirrors move into driving position after the driver enters the vehicle and closes the door.

Select, Reserve and Lincoln Black Label models of Continental have sequential exterior lighting, dynamically wrapping the car with illumination.

Additionally, when the driver or passengers enter the vehicle, the ambient lighting activates in a sequence, enveloping the interior in a soft light to prepare or place any personal items before driving.

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The all-new 2017 Lincoln Continental offers many other features that deliver quiet luxury, providing an elegant, effortlessly powerful and serene experience.

Technologies that comfort, entertain and effortlessly assist occupants include the innovative E-Latch door system, Lincoln’s Perfect Position seats and a host of rear seat amenities.

The Continental arrives at dealerships this fall.


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