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Coffee-rescuing motorcyclist does his good deed for the day


There are acts of kindness, and then there are acts that any decent, coffee-loving citizen just does by instinct.

We’re thinking this video (below) shows the latter, but then this is the land of Tim Hortons, whereas the video was filmed in Orem, Utah.

Profiled on, CBC talk show host George Stroumboulopoulos’s website, the video shows a motorcyclist rescuing a forgotten cup of coffee from a moving SUV and returning it to the driver.

The video shows him pulling up alongside the SUV, grabbing the cup off the rear bumper, and handing it to the surprised driver.

The motorcyclist, YouTube user Bossaucey, captured the entire incident on his helmet cam.

“How’s that for an action-packed act of kindness?” Strombo asks.

You watch the video here: