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Chromed-out Karma has car hounds wondering, 'Who's your daddy?'

A certain famous Canadian had a chrome Fisker until a few months ago, when a friend smashed it into a pole. Now photos of a stunning lookalike being tarted up here in Canada are causing a stir

This chromed-out Fisker Karma is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Okay, maybe once before.

Justin Bieber was given a Fisker Karma (base price: about $100,000) as a birthday present from his manager on the set of the “Ellen” show. To tone it down a little, Bieber had it wrapped in chrome. He loved the stunning machine, and so did his friend, rapper Lil Twist, who showed his appreciation for being allowed to drive it by wrapping it around a pole and then fleeing the scene just last month, on March 2.

Now, suddenly, photos of another blinged-out, chromed Karma decked out with a set of custom wheels by Vancouver’s SR Auto Group are cropping up on and elsewhere.

So is this Bieber’s baby being given reconstructive surgery?

Car hounds say that’s doubtful.

“The stripe on the hood and orange piping leads us to believe this is one of those officially wrapped cars Fisker showed at SEMA last year,” speculated.

Either way, this Fisker is a full-throttle knockout on its bespoke 22-inch forged PUR 2WO’s finished with a brushed silver face with pearl white windows.

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