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Celebrity Whips: Danny Fernandes' Range Rover and BMW

Toronto-born singer loves his gas guzzling 'pets,' but fantasizes about Audi R8

  • Danny Fernandes

Toronto-born singer and songwriter Danny Fernandes, whose hits include Private Dancer, Fantasy and Take Me Away, is about to hit the road next month in support of his new album Breathe Again.? It’s his third studio album and was inspired by a painful break-up with his Fiancée. Though his music videos include stunning, exotic wheels as a backdrop (he?s taken a few of them for a quick spin) in real life Fernandes prefers more practical rides: a 2009 BMW 335i convertible and a 2007 Ranger Rover Sport HSE.? Just please don’t ask the 28-year-old younger brother of musician Shawn Desman to choose a favourite. ?They’re both my babies!? he says.

What do you love about your cars?

The BMW: The speed.? It’s a really cool car; it has bucket seats and they scoop you right in.

The Range Rover: Being comfortable, being high-up and in control. And the heated seats ? they work so quickly.

What doesn’t work for you?

BMW: The gas. It eats premium gas so quickly.

Range Rover: Even worse.

Favourite stretch of road?

The highway.? I’ve driven on the Autobahn ? but in an Opel. It was pretty overwhelming.

Modifications you’ve made or plan to make?

The BMW has as performance intake and it’s matte black; I matte-blacked the whole car and I have 20-inch rims on it.

The Range Rover is the same.? Once you start messing around you start getting problems and then you?re in trouble. It?s got stock wheels.

What was your inspiration?

I like The Batmobile (laughs). It’s true.

Best piece of technology:

In the Range Rover it’s the GPS and in the BMW it?s the speaker system by Harman Kardon.

Top three tunes you’re listening to in your cars right now?

The Drake album. The whole album.

What’s your driving personality?

Calm. Very calm.

You mentioned you like speed …

But I?m very, very careful about it.

What’s in your trunk?

Both my closets (laughs) shoes, clothes ? everything you can imagine are in those trunks. In both cars.

Favourite car colour?


Most amazing car you’ve ever been in?

I used to have a Maserati, but the most amazing car I’ve driven was an Aston Martin DBS (in Toronto). It was an incredible experience.

What is the car of your dreams?

An Audi R8. I know it’s nothing crazy, but I love that car.

Danny Fernandes

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