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Bungled fillup scores an epic fail

Dash cam captures mind-boggling gas station gaffe

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Filling your car up with gas may not be the easiest of tasks, but it’s not the hardest, either. Yet somehow, it completely flummoxes this woman in Russia (video below), who botches every level of the procedure to achieve a fill-up fail of epic proportions. It begins with her returning from paying for her gas and driving off with the hose still stuck in her Lada, CarBuzz reports. Seconds before disaster ensues, she’s flagged down by a fellow customer, who then removes the hose for her. That triggers the realization that she hasn’t yet actually filled the car up yet. She proceeds to do so, but then realizes she has locked her keys in the car and a gas station employee is obliged to crawl in through her trunk to retrieve them. The entire episode is filmed by a waiting customer who, of course, has a dash cam and can be heard chuckling with amazement. Video below.

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