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Black velvet Ferrari is the height of ... something

Tacky or terrific? Either way, this 599 is irresistible to passing hands

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You’d think a Ferrari would be exotic enough just as it is.

But no.

Someone has actually had their Ferrari 599 wrapped in black velvet (video below), which conjures up images of all kinds of things (including those awful black velvet paintings) but also attracts A LOT of attention.

In fact, people not only look, they touch.

Caught on tape in the heart of London’s exclusive Knightsbridge area in a video featured on CarBuzz, we see the velvet-wrapped Ferrari 599 drawing looks from another 599 driver who stops to admire the supercar from close up.

First, the female passenger of the Rosso Corsa-coated 599 gets out to stroke the black velvet car.

Then when the driver of the 205-mph Prancing Horse drives off, he can’t resist pausing to give the Ferrari a rub either.

So what do you think? Is this fuzzy Ferrari tacky or terrific?

Watch the video below, then take our poll.

With files from Carbuzz

  • Black velvet Ferrari is the height of ... something
  • Black velvet Ferrari is the height of ... something