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Bizarre glitch in Grand Theft Auto V

Massive best-seller rattled by 'bug' that causes cars to disappear

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Whatever you do, don’t park in the garage!

A bug in the massive best-seller Grand Theft Auto V is causing cars and car upgrades to disappear when players park vehicles in the game’s various garages, which are supposed to be save points, Yahoo! Games reports.

Rockstar acknowledges the problem on its support page and is warning fans not to use those garages until they can solve the problem.

One gamer wrote in:I upgraded my car and then completed a mission, and now my car is gone. ?Help!”

Rockstar replied that “we have received some reports about problems with cars and garages, particularly after upgrading and then completing a mission, and are looking into this now. ?Unfortunately, we do not currently have a workaround to recover a car if it is missing.”

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It advises gamers to try to “avoid parking a car in a garage, driving one already in a garage, or getting in a default vehicle, when playing as a character other than the one with your upgrades.”

The glitch is likely to affect a lot of people if sales of the game are any indication. It sold more than $800 million worldwide in its first day ? the highest first-day retail sales of any title in the history of the company ? and had soared past the $1 billion mark by day three. More than 8,300 North American stores opened at midnight Monday to offer the video game for sale.

For more information on the glitch and Rockstar’s response, click here.


  • Bizarre glitch in Grand Theft Auto V This publicity photo released by Rockstar Games shows a screen shot from the video game, "Grand Theft Auto V." (AP Photo/Rockstar Games)