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Bah, humbug! Police pull over truck decked out with 850 Christmas lights


A Kansas man who decked out his pickup truck with 856 lights has been ticketed and fined $300 after police caught sight of the Christmas tree on wheels.

But David Hill, of Wichita, says he was only trying to spread some holiday cheer when he spent 16 hours adorning his truck with the Christmas bulbs.

Hill, the founder of OneSpark, a group that feeds and clothes the homeless, told NewsFix, “If this can put one smile on one person’s face it was worth it.”

The lights, which are attached to his truck with magnets, are powered by an 8,000 watt generator in the bed of the truck.

Speaking to KAKE-TV, Wichita, Hill said he was surprised over the ticket.

“I’m not saying he was right or wrong,” he said of the officer who pulled him over. “The bottom line is there’s so many people in this town right now that are hurting. And literally, there’s been thousands of people that have taken pictures with that truck and it’s brought a smile to their face.”

For their part, police said the lights were illegal and posed a safety hazard on the road.

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