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Baby starts up his 'own' Bugatti

That famous snarl! Good thing this tot is wearing diapers

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Are gearheads born or made? Either way, this toddler is already there.

He’s a little young to go viral, but thanks to this video (below) of him starting up what we’re told is his Bugatti Veyron Super Sport at a car show in Monaco, he’s well on his way.

In the video, the young boy sits in the driver’s seat of the carbon fibre masterpiece, inhaling the heady aromas of leather and rocket fuel as he spins the steering wheel. Beside him, bursting with moneyed pride, a man who is either his father or grandfather (either way, best father figure ever!) tells the growing crowd “this kid is the owner of the Bugatti.”

The video, featured on CarBuzz, is filmed by car zealot Fipeux, who probably correctly assumes he has “just filmed the youngest Bugatti owner ever.”

With files from CarBuzz

Video: “In just over a decade, I’ll be taking ‘er on the road!”


  • Baby starts up his 'own' Bugatti
  • Baby starts up his 'own' Bugatti