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Baby accidentally buys car on dad's smartphone

Fourteen-month-old launches eBay app, buys an Austin-Healey

How old do you have to be to buy a car? Old enough to tap a button.

Sorella Stoute, 14 months old, was playing with her father’s smartphone at their Oregon home recently. After a few screen taps she wound up on eBay’s web app — and bought a 1962 Austin-Healey Sprite.

Her father, Paul Stoute, had no idea what she’d done until a confirmed email from eBay appeared in his inbox, congratulating him on his purchase.

Stoute told CBS News “my initial thought was panic.”

Fortunately, Sorella, who can’t even say “car” yet, is a shrewd bidder and scored the classic roadster for just $225, so he decided to keep it.

He intends to restore the scuffed-up car for her 16th birthday as a present she’ll never forget.

And yes, he has since added password protection to his phone to make sure she doesn’t accidentally buy him a Bugatti.