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Audi RS7 video: This is how you make someone want you

Autobahn test drive has viewers calling this the 'best Audi ever'

The Audi RS7 is ridiculously sexy. It’s beefy and mean and drop-dead sexy.

But so are a lot of other cars, so how does Audi take its monster sedan and make you feel like your skin is on fire and nothing will put it out except driving one?

Aggressive sensuality helps.

A video that feels like an action movie crossed with a documentary also helps.

An engine growl that sounds like it’s coming from the belly of the devil also helps. A lot.

Repeated shots of the Audi “crushing the roads like a sledgehammer,” cornering with precision and above all, the look on the driver’s face the entire time, are the clincher.

It’s incredibly fast, hopped up on 560 horsepower with a twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8, making it that rare combination of beauty and cajones and pure driving pleasure.

But as with any car, the proof is in the pedal. Join Motor Trend’s Carlos Lago as he travels to Audi’s home country of Germany for some goosebumpy Autobahn driving (yes, the needle did hit 300 kmh and then keep going), and decide for yourself: Is this the best Audi ever?