Audi gets New York Autonomous Test Approval

Audi is the first company to begin automated vehicle testing in the New York.

  • autonomous vehicle testing

New York has approved Audi’s application to be the first auto company authorized to perform autonomous vehicle testing in the state.

Audi intends to demonstrate and test vehicles in New York with Society of Automobile Engineers (SAE) Level 3 automation.

It will conduct the first autonomous vehicle demonstration in state history, beginning in Albany, near the state capitol, in mid-June.

SAE’s Level 3 means a vehicle is capable of automated driving at posted highway speeds when specific conditions are met.

In New York, two trained engineers will be in the vehicle to monitor the system and ensure safety, one in the front seat and one in the back.

Audi’s demonstration vehicle has already safely logged thousands of miles on limited access highways across the U.S.

autonomous vehicle testing

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