Angry Maserati owner destroys $430,000 car with sledgehammer

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What’s that they say about “more money, more problems?” A certain Maserati owner in China might be able to relate.

A man hired “smashers” to help him pound his car to a pulp outside the Qingdao Auto Show on Tuesday in what he says was a protest against bad service by the dealership, the China Car Times reports.

The owner was apparently unhappy with Furi Group, the company responsible for Maserati distribution in the Qingdao area, because they allegedly repaired his  $430,000 Quattroporte with second-hand parts rather than the new parts he paid for and did not make all the repairs he requested.

Fed up, the owner and his assistants showed up at the Auto Show’s opening to hammer their point home.

This supercar-smashing is becoming something of a bizarre tradition at the Qingdao Auto Show. The China Car Times says a Lamborghini owner smashed his exotic ride at the show in 2011 to protest apparent dissatisfaction with Lamborghini China, even though he had bought the car second-hand from Germany.

  • Angry Maserati owner destroys $430,000 car with sledgehammer

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