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5 easy steps to identifying that banging noise in your car with this app


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It’s been a couple of months now since your last oil change and you notice a strange banging noise coming from your car. What could that be? It sure doesn’t sound right. Cling, clang is the only way you can think to describe it. How are you going to describe this to your mechanic?

Well this new app from ClingClanger will help you identify that noise through their extensive car noise gallery. When you take your car to the mechanic you’ll have a much better description than “a banging noise when I drive on the highway, like cling, clang”. According to ClingClanger follow these simple steps to get your car assessed asap.

Step 1: Listen to your car

Step 2: Identify where the noise is coming from

Step 3: Find a similar car noise in the ClingClanger car noise library

Step 4: Take your car to the garage and play that noise back to your mechanic

Step 5: The mechanic now has a lead on diagnosing and solving your problem quickly and easily

These 5 easy steps certainly do not replace your mechanic but they can help ease any anxiety you may be experiencing with regards to your car’s illness.

Get a sneak peak of the noise gallery here