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Eye Candy: 1968 Firebird

The 'Criminal' has been man's lifelong obsession

The car: 1968 Firebird

The owner: Chris Sorley, Aurora, ON

The story: There isn?t much Chris Sorley wouldn?t do for his 540 HP 1968 Firebird. He vividly remembers when his parents bought the car from his Uncle Jack in Bobcaygeon in 1968. Chris, just 7 years old, was instantly smitten.

?By the time I was 16 it was mine,? he proudly recalls. ?The quarter panels were flapping in the wind by then and the motor was at the brink,? he says, but he had plans for the aging beauty. For two years, he?d been squirreling money away from his job at the local arena and now he was ready to start spending.

?For 1o years, every penny and all my spare time went into that car,? he recalls. ?Later I sold the motor to pay for my first year in university, but I kept the car.?

Over the years, it?s had a body off restoration, a paint job, interior makeover, an LS3 conversion and more.

Oh, and the word ?CRIMINAL? on the vanity plate? That?s a hat tip to the university degree the Firebird?s motor helped buy.

?I?m a lawyer now and have a degree in criminology,? Chris says, ?but when I drive it I?m still just a 16-year-old.?

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  • Eye Candy: 1968 Firebird
  • Eye Candy: 1968 Firebird
  • Eye Candy: 1968 Firebird
  • Eye Candy: 1968 Firebird
  • Eye Candy: 1968 Firebird
  • Eye Candy: 1968 Firebird