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Insider Report: How not to turn left going downhill in the snow


The title of this one could easily have been Why you need snow tires. As the first signs of winter appeared in Houghton, Michigan, YouTube user Phersick took advantage of a steep local street to catch a bit of funny video. While the commentary is somewhat chuckle-worthy, the driver of the Ford Taurus certainly could use some advanced driving lessons, not to mention a good set of snow tires.

While this action was in Upper Michigan, it could just as easily have been shot on the Bayview Extension!

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2014 Corvette Trailer 1: CONCEPTION

As the official reveal date for the next generation Corvette nears, the marketing folks at Chevy are ramping up with more teaser videos. In the latest video, entitled CONCEPTION, the message is conveyed that “Beautiful form follows performance function”. In essence, while the C7 has been shaped in a wind tunnel, they were sure to make sure the car was a looker.

Beyond the typical camo covered bodywork, this video also shows a fuzzy, long distance view of the new ‘Vette in the raw, along with a bunch of conceptual drawings. There is also a sound bite of the V8 engine, which is positively grumpy sounding!

The car will be unveiled on January 13, 2013 at the North American International Auto Show and will be there to get you the story!

Tall Pines Rally 2010 – Quick Cut Edition

Like many Canadian rally fans, I am beginning to get wound up about the 2012 Rally of the Tall Pines that takes place in Bancroft, Ont., next weekend. If you have never experienced a rally, this is the best opportunity for fans in Ontario to get a taste of the excitement. Not sure what the fuss is about? The video below is some raw footage shot by rally videographer Matt Johnston at Tall Pines in 2010, which gives a glimpse into the sights and sounds that will be on tap.

To get more details, visit the Rally of the Tall Pines website. If you make the trek up to Bancroft, be sure to look for the RV at Rally HQ!

Listen to an evil sounding, nitro-burning ’32 Ford

History buffs might enjoy classic videos like the one I shared yesterday, but it is easy to forget just how dangerous the early days of hot-rodding really were. These machines were plenty fast and when you think about it, more than a little bit frightening. Take the ’32 Ford in the video below as an example.

YouTube user Michael Brennan owns this rod that was originally built in 1937 by Sandy Belond and Sam Hanks. The pair raced the car on the dry lakes of Southern California. Powered by a flathead Ford, this monster was fueled with Nitro Methane and in 1942 was clocked at a whopping 125.854 mph (that is 202 km/h for the modern Canuck). If you have ever looked at the inside of a ’32 Ford, you know there wasn’t much in the way of safety built into these machines.

I love the way you can almost count each cylinder as it fires at idle.

  • Insider Report: How not to turn left going downhill in the snow
  • Insider Report: How not to turn left going downhill in the snow
  • Insider Report: How not to turn left going downhill in the snow
  • Insider Report: How not to turn left going downhill in the snow

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