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Insider Report: How to teach parking jerks a lesson

We all hate that self-centred guy who thinks his car is so special that it deserves to take up two spots.

We all hate that self-centred guy who thinks his car is so special that it deserves to take up two spots. Except of course that self-centred guy himself.

YouTuber Crisp330 and his co-workers knew just such a guy, a guy who routinely took up two spots in his Jag, and were so fed up they decided to teach him a lesson. There was no damage and no cursing involved, they simply parked another car properly in the spot next to the mis-parked kitty (video below). Which, of course, blocked the driver’s door. Then they went up to their office and waited. When the perp arrived, out came the camera phone to document his actions.

What happens next is somewhat long and drawn out, but it’s worth hanging in for and almost impossible to look away anyway. (The original poster has since taken down the video but we tracked down another copy.)

Jaguars aren’t cheap. It would be safe to assume that one needs some sort of intelligence to generate the revenue needed to own one and yet it takes our protagonist more than five agonizing minutes of hemming and hawing to figure out that he should just climb in from the passenger side door.

Real-life Griswolds visit Disney in the Truckster
I’m as much of a fan of the National Lampoon flick Family Vacation as the next guy, but I didn’t realize that Clark Griswold’s fake wood panelled highway cruiser was called the Truckster. Real-life Disney World fan Steve Griswold did and heard so many jokes about his name that he decided to build an exact replica of the car that Clark and family drove to Wally World. Of course the project wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Disney in the car. The Truckster has given the Griswold family a taste of Disney stardom!

Indian Motorcycle: Behind the scenes of The Spirit of Munro
Ask anyone who has seen the movie The Last Indian what they thought of it and they will tell you it was one of the best stories they had ever seen. Automotive fans, motorcycle fans and lovers of the human spirit were all moved by the true story of Kiwi Burt Munro, who took his home built Indian cycle to the salt flats of Bonneville. Against all odds, Munro and his Indian succeeded.

As the Indian motorcycle company is being revived for the fourth or fifth time, the team wanted to honour the history of the brand with a special bike. There is perhaps no more visible way to do that today than to create a land speed bike that is completely inspired by Burt Munro and his Indian. This behind the scenes look at at upcoming film gives a glimpse into the passion those involved have for the brand.

And now, the stunning, full length video. Don’t worry, it is only 4 minutes long and it will be the best thing you see today!

Spectacular WRC crash compilation from Finland
Back in the Eighties, the World Rally Championship was populated by the fearsome machines of a class called Group B. These fire breathing monsters were faster than anything anyone had ever seen, which meant that they were also deadlier than anything anyone had ever seen. The short period of their existence led to incredible advancements in the realm of driver/co-driver safety. Today, the cars of the WRC are even faster than the Group B cars, yet are built to keep their occupants safe when it all goes wrong.

At the WRC 1000 Lakes Rally, the roads are known for their fast jumps and close forests, which means there are many opportunities for teams to crash out in spectacular fashion. In most cases, crews emerge unscathed.