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Insider Report: How to make wine with a rally car


The annual WRC Rallye de France took place last weekend in the Alsace Region. Considered one of the most beautiful events on the calendar, the route takes competitors through ancient villages and fertile wine country. 2003 World Rally Champion, Petter Solberg, had a spectacular incident during the event when he lost sight of the road, causing his Ford to charge through a vineyard. Early speculation that the throttle had stuck was incorrect according to Autosport, when Solberg said, “We came too fast and went off to the right, I kept the throttle in to pull us through the vines – because I knew the road came back around.” Fortunately nobody was hurt in the incident.

It is said that one grape vine can produce somewhere in the neighbourhood of six bottles of wine. If Solberg’s oops has destroyed 50 grape vines, that means he has cost a farmer about 300 bottles of wine! That being said, it is rather amusing watching Solberg’s co-driver getting pelted with grapes and leaves that enter the car through the rooftop vent, as grape juice slathers the windshield. Aren’t on board cameras great?

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Jay Leno drives classic 007 Toyota 2000GT

In the James Bond classic You Only Live Twice, the automotive star of the show is undeniably the stunning 1966 Toyota 2000GT drop top. A convertible was never actually produced for public consumption, with just two of the sleek roadsters being built for the filming of the Bond flick. Funny guy Jay Leno also happens to be one of the world’s foremost gearheads and weekly we see special cars that are brought to his Big Dog Garage. Recently though, Leno left the garage to visit Japan where he got to check out some pretty special machines. In this episode, Toyota officials allowed Leno to drive the very car that Sean Connery drove during the filming of You Only Live Twice.

Mustang owner scares his mom with 700 horsepower

First we had the screaming granny, then we had the speedy granny. Now, we have the tortured mom out for a ride with her mischievous son in his 700 horsepower Ford Mustang. It may seem a bit mean picking on dear old mom, but it is pretty funny!

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