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Insider Report: How to destroy a Ford SVT Raptor in a hurry


“Hey Vern…Hold my beer and watch this…” I imagine the conversation that happened just before this video was shot went something like that.

Having been designed to perform off-road, Ford’s wicked SVT Raptor might just be one of the toughest trucks ever built. That however doesn’t mean it is indestructible.

Just ask these guys at a recent Rednecks With Paychecks event. When Cletus here hits the launch ramp at an insane speed, the trajectory alone is enough to foreshadow the outcome. Interestingly, the mighty Raptor flew through the air in a level fashion that would do its namesake proud. The problem here was all in the lack of a landing ramp!

Vintage Land Rover commercial

Speaking of tough trucks, the Land Rover is one of the originals! I just came across this Land Rover commercial that the YouTube poster says is from 1969. A commenter points out that “This is a series 3 land rover with the plastic front grille. It came out in 1973-74. Also at the end as a Leyland company, so this commercial is from the mid to late 70s.” I’m not enough of a Land Rover buff to know which is correct, but I’m sure one of our readers will enlighten me!

While there is not even a hint of humour anywhere in the voice over, you can be sure that the crew had a blast filming the Landie in action. They even got a bit of air of their own in the little truck. It would be interesting to know if the truck lived following the hard landing in the river, or if it died on the rocky beach where it stopped.

Coming Soon: Fast & Furious 6

And here I go again with the jumping! This time, in the form of a Ford Escort rally car. And a tank. And a police car. And a Charger. Add in an appearance by the soon to hit our shores Alfa Romeo 4C and some gratuitous explosions and beefcake and you have the Super Bowl trailer for the newest Fast & Furious flick. Believe it or not, this will be the sixth movie in the series. Oh, and did I mention that this time they crash a massive military cargo plane – with a car?

Hold on, this one looks like it will be a wild ride!

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park from the air

Regular readers know that I just love to share any news about improvements at my second home, Mosport, a.k.a. Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Barb and Richard Dobbs took to the skies over the legendary track yesterday and brought along a video camera. The video clearly shows the progress of the exciting new events centre and control tower, along with extended run-off areas at several corners. Perhaps best of all, is the big new parking area between turns 4 and 5, along with the turnaround road that goes right down to 5.

Something new: Insider’s Wheels of the Week

As a car guy who gets to spend my days writing about all manner of car stuff each day, I have a bit of a rotating spot in my driveway, which is usually occupied by a different car each week. I rarely share thoughts on these cars here in the Insider Report, so i thought that maybe I should switch that up a bit. I’m going to try a new bullet point type of review to accompany one Insider’s Report each week.

This week, my Wheels are attached to a 2013 Chevrolet Volt. I’ll spend the week seeing how the plugin hybrid/electric model works for my family during the depth of Winter. I’ll let you in on my thoughts later in the week.

  • Insider Report: How to destroy a Ford SVT Raptor in a hurry

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