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A lesson in truck-fire etiquette

Or, what you should do if you see that someone's vehicle is engulfed in flames

We pretty much all know by now that everyone in Russia has a dash cam.

What they are apparently a little short on is rearview mirrors, rearview dash cams oh, and common courtesy.

That last one would have come in very handy in this alarming situation (video below), in which a large truck barrels merrily along the busy streets of East Russia, passing pedestrians and traffic alike without a single person honking or waving to alert him that, “Hey, bud, your truck is on fire!”

In fact, as seen in the video on Jalopnik, the two compassion-challenged individuals who filmed this increasingly dangerous scenario made a point of following him for some time, getting huge laughs out of the unsuspecting driver’s impending doom, without lifting a finger to help him.

The only time they make any effort to get involved is after the driver realizes he’s piloting an inferno and pulls over.

At that point, the helpful followers pull over and the video ends.

So we can assume that maybe this is when they offered a helping hand. Or not.

Video: “I could swear I smell something burning.”

  • A lesson in truck-fire etiquette

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