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Video: How to spot a gold digger in one easy step

Open door to Lambo, pretend to get in, wait ...

Ah, the problems of the uber-wealthy: does the object of your affections love you for you or for your wallet? Most of us have seen the super-rich guy leave the club with a beautiful woman on his arm, jump into his valet-parked Aventador and dart off into the night. We’ve seen the super-successful female celebrity deck her “commoner” boyfriend out in designer clothes and cars. So is it the person or the wallet that’s behind the attraction? VitalyzdTV decided to test that theory in a video featured on CarBuzz and shown here, below. A young man approaches a young woman and asks her out to dinner. The young woman turns him down flat — until she sees the Lamborghini. Then suddenly, hey, I just realized I have an opening in my terribly busy schedule! Watch the video to see whether she gets her ride in the passenger seat or not. If only all “tests” were this easy.

  • Video: How to spot a gold digger in one easy step

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