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Top 5 April Fools from automakers across the world

Published April 3, 2014

April 1st sees many pranks and laughs. The auto industry has been known to get in on the fun. Not only does it provide some entertainment to fans, it is also a great PR opportunity.

Here are 5 of our favourites.

1. Red Bull Motorports announces Formula One live tweeting from racers through their steering wheel.

New technology installed into the F1 steering wheels will now allow drivers to live tweet as they pass their opponents on the track.

2. Honda announces the Fit Kit- DIY assembly of your new car with the new Fit hatchback kit

The promo video states “What better way to have a personal connection with an object than to just build it piece by piece?”. The containers have over 180,000 pieces that when put together will build the subcompact car.

3.Škoda Yeti Ice European Hatchback heats itself through innovative fur technology

Researches discovered that the car heats itself due to it’s ground-breaking fur technology. According to the press release, the new model pioneers a radical new faux fur finish that has been developed by ŠKODA engineers working in the Himalayas.

According to the Yeti Ice’s inventor, “Dr Yu Ciddingme”, the faux fur has numerous advantages over traditional paint. “The fur is so thick and luxurious that during our tests in the arctic circle, our test drivers didn’t need to use the heater.”

Head of Special Developments, Prof Lukat Thedate said: “Everybody loves the new furry finish. People like to give it a hug and a tickle under the bumper.”

Owners will be able to choose from a number of personalisation options, including side-partings and fur extensions. Owners will also enjoy a lifetime supply of ŠKODA-branded shampoo and conditioner, a comb and brush kit to preserve the well-groomed look.

4. Mini Cooper announces a new version to follow the 2014 Cooper and Cooper S

Mini Cooper announces the Model T which can drive up to 64km on a single cup of tea; yes, the stuff you drink. It also comes in a variety of shades including Chamomile Yellow, Red Bush and Earl Grey.

In addition, the MINI Cooper T comes standard with a new safety feature. Dunk Avoidance Technology (DAT) which is an ingenious filtration system, will stop owners from inserting biscuits into the MINI’s fuel tank in order to moisten their snacks.

“This particular project has been brewing for years,” said Dr. Ivana Kuppa, head of Cooper T engineering.

5. Acura Celebrates 28 years as America’s Top Luxury Automotive Brand, Alphabetically

Acura today celebrated an important milestone, marking 28 consecutive years as the top luxury automobile brand in America based on alphabetical ranking” – Acura Media Newsroom.

According to the news release, “At Acura, there are many things we’re proud of, and one of those things is our alphabetic dominance.  I mean, these are the A-B-Cs of marketing, and no one does it better than Acura,” said Mike Accavitti, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Acura.  “Audi has been nipping at our heels since the beginning, and then there was that deal with Amati, which never really had a shot.  We even toyed with adding another A on the front of the name, but we’re confident that we can maintain our leadership, assuming no one comes along with Abalone or Aardvark or something like that.”

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