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The most selfish driver ever?

Published November 8, 2012


It never seems to fail. Whenever I drive down into the city, I see motorists driving as if they are the only vehicles on the road. I’ve seen drivers talking on their hand held cellphone while eating burgers with the other hand and motorists passing on the shoulder and then cutting me off. And that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Today it was a young man texting while driving and forcing his way into my lane.

This all happened on the 404 southbound at the usual bottleneck of the 401 overpass. This time the belligerent driver was in a newer Honda Accord and not a BMW. I note that here because the last time I mentioned the vehicle too many people got into a BMW rant, belittling all BMW drivers as completely selfish and arrogant. The intention of mentioning the vehicle was only in the slight chance that the driver would recognize himself and possibly re-think his motoring behaviour.

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While we are talking about certain types of motorists, it should also be pointed out that all of these dangerous drivers I have written about were of the Caucasian persuasion. I say this, too, because frequently I have heard motorists talk about certain ethnicities as being the worst on the road. The fact is there are terrible drivers of every race and religion.

Getting back to the arrogant Honda driver. I was in the left lane where the HOV lane ends. Yes, I was in the left lane because traffic was travelling at a very slow pace and the right lane has traffic merging into it from the short 404 collector off of Sheppard Ave. At this point, leaving the left lane open for passing does not apply due to the traffic volume. It was bumper to bumper.

I saw the Accord driver pull up beside me from the HOV lane even though he was alone in the car. He was using the HOV lane illegally and selfishly. Arrogant act number one.

To my horror he was actually texting while driving. I could see it quite clearly. Arrogant act number two.

Then he proceeded to force his way into my lane and, to prevent hitting his car, I had to brake and veered slightly to the right to miss his right rear quarter. Arrogant act number three.

He refused to signal his lane change. Maybe because he was too busy texting or he just didn’t care to. Arrogant act number four.

All in the span of a few seconds.

It was quite tempting to let him hit me, but I know better. It would solve nothing as I am sure this driver would believe it was my fault. Anyone who drives in this manner is most likely to be someone who blames the world for all his woes and feels society owes him. It would also produce a lot of paperwork for me. It wouldn’t be worth the hassle.

This type or motoring madness makes me wonder about the parents of these drivers. As young children and teens, did their parents not educate them about respect for the law and for others? Did their parents teach them to be that selfish and arrogant? Do they have any regard for human life or is it they just don’t care? Did their parents teach them that rules are for everyone else but them?

It can’t be ignorance as anybody who reads, or watches TV, surely knows by now the danger of driving and texting.

This goes beyond the normal lack of quality driver education. They know the rules and the possible consequences. It’s an attitude problem.

What is it with today’s society that so many people don’t seem to care about others or have respect for the law?

Where did it all start to go wrong?

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