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INSIDER REPORT: Inside IndyCar with James Hinchcliffe

Published May 17, 2012

When Go Daddy picked up Toronto boy James Hinchcliffe to replace Danica Patrick in the Andretti Autosports/Go Daddy IndyCar, it wasn’t because he looks great in a bikini. No, it was because the man knows how to make fun of himself in a big way, meaning that he’ll get them lots of media coverage. The IndyCar folks know this too, and have been using Hinch in a series of “Inside IndyCar” spots on YouTube. The most recent one is an attempt to dispel some of the confusion between Charlie Hildebrand, JR Hinchcliffe & James Kimball.

Tony Hawk jumps a Lexus LFA

Most automotive media types would love to get their paws on a Lexus LFA, if only for a drive around the block. The reality is that cars with pricing that start at $375,000 just don’t end up in the press fleet, for rather obvious reasons. That didn’t prevent Lexus from lending skate boarding legend Tony Hawk a bright yellow copy of their limited edition supercar for a few days. What did Hawk do with it? Well, he naturally set up a ramp and jumped it on a skateboard!

Keep Drifting Fun movie: the first 1:30

There are still enthusiasts who don’t get drifting. All they see is a bunch of hooligans shredding tires and generating mass amounts of nasal passage choking smoke. What they fail to see is the fact that drifting might just be one of the most fun forms of motorsport available. The folks at Keep Drifting Fun have put together a full movie that launches later today, but for now have a look at the first minute and a half. This is going to be fun!

Every single gearshift from all 5 Fast & Furious movies

Ah, the movie gearshift. One of the most used and abused visuals at a director’s disposal while creating a car flick. Put together a string of five car movies and there is a whole lotta shiftin’ goin’ on. Thecussingchannel on YouTube has taken the time to stitch together every shift from the entire Fast & Furious movie franchise. I must admit that this is somewhat addictive, sorta like a train wreck.

ESPN talent speeds down The Corkscrew at Laguna Seca on a Big Wheel

From the “boys will be boys” category comes this silly bit from ESPN. The child’s Big Wheel trike has long held a special place in the hearts of speed seekers, who only need a steep incline to achieve their own personal moment of greatness. Just because they play with race cars a (and call it work) doesn’t mean that racers and motorsports media are in any way immune to the challenge. In fact, with the advent of the helmet mount Go-Pro camera, we are perhaps more inclined to do stupid things. The folks at ESPN plunked on air talent, Taro Koki onto a Big Wheel at the top of Laguna Seca’s famous Corkscrew. Not content to let gravity do its thing, racer Justin Bell gave Koki a hefty shove to make sure he hit terminal velocity!

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