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Benz for sale, ‘Chubber’ negotiable

Published June 12, 2013


Magazine editors will tell you certain words will sell a cover faster than others. “Sex,” for example. “Diet,” for another. Oh, and “fat;” fat sells a lot of magazines.

So when a British couple were faced with flagging eBay bids on their beaten-up old  Benz, they got smart and put all three words together. With pictures. And wit.

It made for a potent combo that has ratcheted views (and bids) through the ceiling.

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When the bidding started, Carbuzz reports, the opening gambit was a measly 99p (about $1.50).

But thanks to a hilarious description penned by the owner and some spectacular poses by “The Chubber” (his obliging wife), the latest bid as of writing was up to £200,000 (about $317,000).

The ad notes the Benz is not in the best of shape, having been “thrashed, raced and rallied” while the interior was “smashed up in a domestic” and the rear wing took a beating after the owner told his wife to eat a salad.

“Serious bids only,” the owner notes, adding that if it’s The Chubber you’re after, she’s “negotiable.”

With files from Carbuzz

Looking for a used Benz? Try here. (Sorry, no Chubbers available)

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