2018 Kia Stinger

Taking the Stinger out of winter testing

Winter does not stand in the way of Kia’s development of the 2017 Stinger, shown here running on a frozen lake that is part of its joint winter testing facility with Hyundai in northern Sweden.

bmw x5

A BMW for all seasons, all reasons

You know the 2017 xDrive35i is a BMW right away from the classic twin kidney grille and generous use of window glass. Drive the xDrive35i and you see why the combination of power, luxury and utility h

Nissan Rogue Star Wars

Let the Force be with Nissan’s Rogue

The black grill with the black alloy wheels and especially with the privacy glass, enhances the styling giving it a more aggressive stance than the standard trim and makes it stand out even before you

2017 toyota corolla xse

2017 Corolla - Dependability Restyled

For 2017, Toyota’s thrown all that out the window, choosing to style the Corolla with, well, actual style. The front end is decidedly aggressive, with angry vertical slashes for its LED running ligh

Infiniti Q60

Q60 Coupe for 2017 tested in two flavours

The Infiniti Q60 offers three power choices (I’m rounding off here) that step up in 100 hp increments, from 200 hp to 300 hp and 400 hp. All engines are mated to seven-speed automatics and standard

touareg 2017

VW Touareg is a solid SUV for families

I recently had the Execline version of the Touareg and I can attest to its ability to handle snow and ice as we had some of the worst weather we have had this winter during my week in it.