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2013 Toronto Auto Show: Hyundai Genesis controlled by invisible touch

When designing its booth at the Canadian International AutoShow, Hyundai wanted to offer more than just cars.

The automaker wanted to offer entertainment and interactivity, Hyundai spokesman Patrick Danielson said.

That’s why you can head to the back of the booth and see the 2013 Genesis Coupe 2.0T R-Spec, which is track ready. The car is open and you can climb inside and sit in the driver’s seat.

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Then you can take a virtual drive in that same car by walking about two feet to a TV to play Forza Motorsport 4. Danielson said the game has been a popular attraction for little and big kids alike.

For the car display, Danielson said the company wanted to use the show to give people a chance to look at some of the high performing models.

The coolest car there might be the HCD-14 Genesis, a concept that is making its Canadian debut in Toronto.

The car, designed by Hyundai’s California design studio, boasts futuristic technology that can track your eye gaze and gestures.

It works by projecting an image on the windshield and tracking the movement of your eyes to launch commands instead of pressing buttons or touching screens.

Turning on the radio is as simple as diverting your gaze and making a gesture to turn up the volume. The technology will track the movement of your hand to figure out what you want to do.

This technology helps you complete tasks easily, while also keeping your eyes on the road.

While this car isn’t what the next generation of Genesis sedans will look like, it offers a sneak peek at the style and technology you might find in future Hyundai cars, Danielson said.

Everything other than the concept cars is open at Hyundai’s booth, including the new Santa Fe XL with an extended wheelbase, which won’t hit dealerships in Canada until spring. You can also enter for a chance to win a Santa Fe by filling out a quick survey at the booth.

As a shopping tool for consumers, the show is the easiest way for people to compare vehicles side by side with other automakers’ options, without even having to go outside, Danielson said.

“It gives Hyundai a chance to show we do offer world-class cars that we would put on par with any of our competitors.”

Hyundai’s booth is located on Level 800 of the South Building at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

  • 2013 Toronto Auto Show: Hyundai Genesis controlled by invisible touch
  • 2013 Toronto Auto Show: Hyundai Genesis controlled by invisible touch

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