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2013 Toronto Auto Show: Cadillac reaches out to younger drivers

Cadillac’s booth at the auto show is filled with luxury and high performance vehicles. For people who love racing, there’s also a race car and the opportunity for you to take your Cadillac out on to a track.

This year’s booth is a reflection of Cadillac’s bid to appeal to younger people.

“Cadillac is probably more of a family or an executive vehicle, what we’re trying to do also is bring this to more of a level of young people that didn’t think of getting into a Cadillac before, thinking that it could be their grandfather’s vehicle or for an older person,” said Serge Dubois, a consultant for General Motors who focuses on auto shows.

Dubois said the most impressive vehicle at this year’s Cadillac booth is the 2013 ATS, a new introduction this year that has racked up a slew of awards and honours.

Dubois had a chance to test one just before Christmas and said he was surprised with the vehicle’s road worthiness, manoeuvrability and power. The seats are comfortable for highway driving and it’s a quiet vehicle.

“It is very solid,” he said.

The ATS is open, so you can climb in and test out the seats and interior for yourself on the Metro Toronto Convention Centre floor.

You can also sit inside a Cadillac Escalade. The Escalade has been refreshed this year, sporting a new grille, LED rear lighting and new front fascia.

“It’s mostly used by companies or by executives wanting comfortable transport from one place to another but also make a statement,” Dubois said.

If you go to the auto show and decide to buy an ATS, CTS or CTS-V — or if you already own one of those cars — you can sign up for Cadillac’s Driver Academy, which occupies a special section of the booth.

“It brings them to a racetrack so that they can, under a controlled environment, have some training and then take their vehicle on the track and ride.”

For kids who aren’t old enough to take a Cadillac to a racetrack, or drive at all, they can dream on by looking at the Cadillac Racing CTS-V. It’s painted with racing stripes and sports a 556-horsepower supercharged 6.2-L LSA V8 engine.

  • 2013 Toronto Auto Show: Cadillac reaches out to younger drivers
  • 2013 Toronto Auto Show: Cadillac reaches out to younger drivers

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