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Reviews2015 Ram Promaster City Review

2015 Ram Promaster City Review

Lorne Druryby Lorne Drury | Jan. 28th, 2015
2015 Ram ProMaster City at a glance BODY STYLE: mid-size commercial cargo van/wagon DRIVE METHOD: front-engine, front-wheel drive. ENGINE: 2.4-litre Tigershark inline four-cylinder engine (178 hp and 174 lb/ft of torque) with a nine-speed automatic transmission. CARGO CAPACITY: 3,729 litres (131.7 cu ft). FUEL ECONOMY: 8.1L/100 km highway, 11.2L/100 km city. PRICE: Two-passenger cargo van, [...]
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Reviews2015 Nissan Rogue SL AWD Review

2015 Nissan Rogue SL AWD Review

Neil Mooreby Neil Moore | Jan. 26th, 2015
2015 Nissan Rogue SL AWD at a glance BODY STYLE: Compact CUV DRIVE METHOD: front-engine, AWD, Xtronic CVT transmission ENGINE: 2.5-litre DOHC 16-valve four-cylinder (170 hp and 175 lb/ft of torque) FUEL ECONOMY: AWD, 7.4/9.5L/100km (city/hwy) CARGO CAPACITY: 1,112 litres behind second row, 1,982 litres max TOWING: 454 kg (1,000 lbs) when properly equipped PRICE: [...]
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Reviews2015 Jeep Renegade Review

2015 Jeep Renegade Review

Jim Robinsonby Jim Robinson | Jan. 26th, 2015
2015 Jeep Renegade 4X4 SUV at a glance BODY STYLE: Five-passenger compact SUV DRIVE METHOD: front-engine, 4X2/4X4-wheel-drive ENGINE: 1.4-litre SOHC turbo inline four-cylinder (160 hp, 184 lb/ft) with six-speed manual; 2.4-litre SOHC inline four-cylinder (180 hp, 175 lb/ft) with nine-speed automatic transmission FUEL ECONOMY: TBA CARGO: 524 litres (18.5 cu ft) with the rear seat [...]
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Reviews2015 Ford Mustang Ecoboost Review

2015 Ford Mustang Ecoboost Review

Neil Mooreby Neil Moore | Jan. 23rd, 2015
2015 Ford Mustang Ecoboost Fastback at a glance BODY STYLE: Mid-size convertible coupe DRIVE METHOD: Front-engine, rear-wheel-drive ENGINES: Direct injected 2.3-litre inline four cylinder with twin-scroll turbo CARGO: 382 litres FUEL ECONOMY: Fastback with six-speed manual 10.6/7.5/9.2 L/100km (city/hwy/comb), actual during testing: 10.5L/100 km (comb) PRICE: base $27,999, add $3,000 for Ecoboost Performance Pkg and [...]
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Reviews2015 Buick Verano Review

2015 Buick Verano Review

Jim Robinsonby Jim Robinson | Jan. 19th, 2015
2015 Buick Verano Premium at a glance BODY STYLE: compact luxury sedan. DRIVE METHOD: front-engine, front-wheel-drive. ENGINE: 2.0-litre, DOHC inline four-cylinder (250 hp, 260 lb/ft) FUEL ECONOMY: (Regular) automatic, 11.4/7.0L/100 km (25/36 mpg mpg) city/highway CARGO: 405 litres (14.3 cu ft); as tested with Bose premium sound, 396 litres (14.0 cu ft) TOWING CAPACITY: not [...]
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Reviews2015 BMW X4 28i & 35i Review

2015 BMW X4 28i & 35i Review

Rob Beintemaby Rob Beintema | Jan. 19th, 2015
2015 BMW X4 xDrive28i & xDrive35i at a glance BODY STYLE: Luxury mid-size sport activity coupeDRIVE METHOD: front-engine, all-wheel-driveENGINE: 2.0-litre four-cylinder with TwinPower Turbo (241 hp, 258 lb/ft); 3.0-litre inline six with twin-scroll turbocharger (300 hp, 300 lb/ft)CARGO: 500 litres, 1,400 litres with second row folded flatFUEL ECONOMY: xDrive28i 11.8/8.4L/100km (city/hwy); xDrive35i 12.5/8.7L/100km (city/hwy)PRICE: xDrive28i [...]
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